Phone Songs

by Kevin Martin Taylor

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all songs recorded straight to a phone


released July 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Kevin Martin Taylor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Glad It's Over Now
I wanna escape but I'm buckled down
I'm looking for an exit on a rollercoaster

Had to be lost to turn around
Had to be confused to figure it out somehow
Had to be speeding to slow down
But I'm glad it's over now

I cover my head but thoughts keep leaking out
You see em ricochet off everything and then explode
Track Name: Motorcading
here I'm in my shell
thoughts knockin about
leaving unnanounced
got my help
cuz I'm motorcading thru the world

never stick around
im in my own realm
moving straight thru town
you can't get to me now
cuz I'm motorcading thru the world

slow going thru hell
stick it out
and which ways out? not down
aim up like William Tell
anyway I'm motorcading
Track Name: Simple Quick Fix
Had to work on my doubt
Before I could get it to work
Every time this engine quits I think it's for good

But sometimes it's a simple quick fix
And I'm not signing off a two page part list
Or I'm changing out the oil I'm just changing out the oil

Here I'm thinking I'm done
When I haven't finished step one
Everyone this car won't start I freeze and I assume the worst
Track Name: Polish
The old smoldering incinerator and the highways now in a criss cross and the strip malls all with deserted lots, well, theyre still standing

Let's get the old dust off and polish til we make it right

And that bookcase that you lugged off and the old cat roamin the neighbors side yard and the friendships that you never lost, well they're still standing

And I never said what I meant to, my old mistakes - I'm rehersing em - as I'm waiting here facing a dead restaurant but I'm still standing