A Life Patch

by Kevin Martin Taylor

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released October 22, 2013

Samples from Williams Carlos Williams and Louis Zukofksy readings from pennSound.org



all rights reserved


Kevin Martin Taylor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Alright
"The pure products of America go crazy."
- William Carlos Williams

I'm on my way now
Well yeah, I'm on my way now
I was trying to patch my life up
But I changed my mind
I don't know what I care for
I'm alright

Moving away now
I'm gonna change for real now
I was trying to patch my life up
But I changed my mind
I don't know what I care for
I'm alright

All of us have our own records for patience
Now I oughta start on my how
I can't control the weather anymore
Than making an effort to dress myself well
Track Name: I Want You Back
"You may not recognize it as a tune, that is, words set to a tune. And it's going to sound like prose."
- Louis Zukofsky

Now I realize that I ruined all the good times
Knocking over all the figures that you orchestrated
Taking cover with another on a cold night
All I need is a warm blanket or incinerator

I can't sit down
I don't know how

Well yeah
I want you back

Now I know part of the fault was all mine
Dampened papers set to dry over the radiator
I walk through waterfalls, I want to make it alright
But I know I can't make models out of burning embers

I can't get out
I don't know how

Well yeah
I want you back
Track Name: Jeff Cap
What can I do?
What do I like?
What can I say
It was one of those lives
Holding out faith
Feeling alright
It was one of those lives

Don't tell me what to do
I'll get there sometime
But I'm falling off today
I need to renovate my life
Track Name: You're Always Nice To Me
Hey, you're always nice to me
Track Name: Good Day
It was a good day
for my friends and family
for my productivity
on the job and happily
for my lover

I don't mind
it was over there
I don't mind
if it's almost fair

good day
for national currencies
for the auto industry
for government policy
for the weather

good day
for new democracies
for Israel and Palestine
for Chinese factories
for the defense budgeting
for new technologies
for Christianity
for going to the beach
Track Name: From
I don't understand
This crossword center piece
Doesn't agree with my mind's wandering

After some time
It wasn't hard to see
It's a simple beat banging on your head

A meeting of hands
A day spent happy
Yeah, it was fine
I can laugh about it

Everybody finds some salvation
Learn to build a bridge in a good location
Taking time out
Feeling mistaken
Working on a matching occupation
It's finally coming on